Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I’m just saying

We all want the best for our people , families and friends if , any friends . It doesn’t help to say shit how much you care when people don’t ban together regardless the magnitude of a cause . You can set goals and make plans , sharing ideals . But , If nothing materialized , my question then , so where do we go from here . I just like you Muhfuckas see the world as is and I have no ideal what is the next move. What leader is capable of marching us into a land of promise and changed . Do we keep talking change ? Do we take crucial action where lives are jeopardize & after a few deaths we apologize and wait until things quiet down and back to plan A again . At what point we all say fuck it and ride or die as the last resort . Back to the drawing boards where everybody is being opinionated and still no changed . I don’t know what the actual movement would be . But , Muhfuckas will be in agreement with whoever says anything they believe is positive and that’s just more talking . I’M JUST SAYING.



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