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Political sh*t

I have very small political views , I’m not a politician like all these political intellectual Muhfuckas . I’m from the street. I come in contact with every kind of party or groups of Muhfuckas everyday . After every street Muhfucka share their political views, not one of these opinionated muhfuckas got nothing improved . You did nothing different from a sports analyst trying to break down a ball game before kicking off . I notice when you street political analyst finishes analyzing which party is better to run for any office in this fucked up-country ,will still have the same results seeing the condition we’re today . You see the nation is street hustling too . Street pharmaceuticals , hustling weed and cocaine , still the most popular employment in the country . Politicians are the most crooked Muhfuckas in the world , You Niggas helped voted for office . Drug dealers and addicts has more loyalty than politicians . Fuck What you Niggas saying… Democrat & Republican doesn’t change shit with you debatable Muhfuckas . Say what you will about me . I’m streetism Nshit . Fuck my thoughts on POLITICAL SHIT .



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