Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Pajamas in public

That shit is beyond the ghetto . That’s gutter shit beneath the shoes of decent folks . How is it a woman expects the up most respect and dressed inappropriate . There is a place and time for everything . Wearing pajamas isn’t something for public to see outside of your home past your front yard unless it’s 911 . You can bet any woman that carries herself in this manner isn’t a woman of class . She probably drags her feet and walks on the back of house shoes . Slumming isn’t cute or keeping it real , because you Muhfuckas want to act like low life’s and making stupid public statements like ” nobody paying my bills . So , I can do as I please ” . That’s more bullshit . Just because you have dependence don’t mean you aren’t a trashy Muhfucka . Ladies , have some fucken decency and pride . Ladies,please have some consideration for those has morals that doesn’t believe in your bullshit . Don’t walk your inconsiderate ass in PAJAMAS IN PUBLIC .



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