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Crack saved ugly guys

I know personally from back in the day of crack monsters ” kool Moe D “rap . Niggas that knew they were ugly exchanged crack for sex . Big overweight two ton butted ugly Muhfucka always kept crack around getting pussy & blow jobs . It took crack . A woman who wasn’t a crackhead wouldn’t fuck even for money . She needed to be addicted to drugs to fuck an ugly Muhfucka . Ugly Muhfuckas self-esteem came up several layers all because of an illegal substance . Wow! Only in ugly America . When crack became an epidemic some first timers were beautiful women hooked onto cocaine . Sad but it’s true . I had a few crackhead hoes back in the day’s . Guess I was ugly too . Ugly Niggas had a nasty drug to manipulate hoes for pussy easily and Niggas was happy for the first time to finally get pussy and they short dicks dugged out under their fat to get a blow job . Ugly Niggas felt something to rejoice in knowingly CRACK SAVED UGLY GUYS.



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