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Christmas list

Thanksgiving hadn’t arrived yet , Muhfuckas talking Xmas shit already and fucken expensive light burning shit . Muhfuckas are emptying Xmas club accounts for toys Nshit . Black people buying all the white dolls for their children and Niggas sneaking to buy black diamonds for their new-found white girlfriends . I know its prejudiced talk , It’s okay meaning I’m bias to black folks , I’m not a racist cause I don’t hate no race . I disapprove of any wrong doctrine and teaching to hate people because of their race . I believe everybody nationality holds a mate for everybody , racism cause wars . Black people have a greater cause . So , It’s understandable why I’m prejudiced . If , I was a racist then you can make judgement . I’m only saying this cause this time of year department stores stocks up with gifts that cater to white folks in every category from toys to body products . Black people are targeted for marketing . Its true ! Nobody can argue different . Watch and not be blinded by all the season greetings of snow blankets advertising . See with your eyes and mind & pay close attention to subliminal messages . After all the TV commercials are set to go off in November and December , they’ll have you all brainwashed waiting for you to fulfill your CHRISTMAS LIST .



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