Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I look and hear you Muhfuckas with your judgmental & hypocrisy lifestyles . Educated and turn the other cheek type niggas,because everybody isn’t like you meticulous , critique finger pointing, righteous Muhfuckas . Uppity Niggas, thinking you better than average blue-collar, black Muhfuckas . Fuck you Charles Barkley & Ben Carson Muhfuckas of the world . You are the realist Niggas . The only thing professional about you Niggas is your careers . I’m as much Pro black then you fake ass wannabe white wall street muhfuckas. Nigga, the last time I saw any of you Muhfuckas with any stock , was LIVE stock of Chickens & Cows on a farm slopping hogs nshit. Muhfuckas always talking down on a Muhfucka.We are just like you in the same struggle ,cut from the same cloth . Fuck you fake ass Niggas . You better hope white folks accept you, because where I’m from you educated fool ass Niggas doesn’t have a chance in hell to prove yourself with us OTHER black folks . See Nigga ,that’s the real REALITY!



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