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Let’s do my book

Here’s an outreach to an editor and writer , I’m interested in writing a book . I’ve made several attempts . I wasn’t able to complete my vision . But , I guarantee who dares to take on this amazing life experience will become a wealthy and successful partner . My life would be the other greatest story ever told next to the bible . Rather you are Black , White , Yellow , Red or Brown doesn’t matter . Whomever is the best qualified to write my biography a bestseller . I lived the life , I can prove it . Only a Muhfucka that saw it all & lived it all can tell you a story needs no fabrication . The story is told only from my recollection . My story isn’t to teach you a life lesson or to inspire you Muhfuckas . My story is to show what is it’s like underneath the exterior of real life beyond your wildest thoughts . This isn’t SYFY channel shit . But , could be horrifying moments shared . Whatever you were blind to , this book will enlighten you , changing your whole perspective on life affecting how you’ll live the rest of your life . I have a few amateurs that contacted me . I’m sorry this isn’t a task for amateurs . If ,you can’t make it happen , I will with a well-known Publishing company . Fuck! No more explanations Nshit . Rude or not , think about expanding your career and LETS DO MY BOOK .



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