Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Makeup sex

F*ck that! You shouldn’t be mad in the first place… I don’t have to get mad to fuck her brain out… I don’t need no extra boost to tell her I’m gonna kill the pussy… Besides, making up might not take place until a few days afterwards… Why fuck off a perfectly good potential fucken at sometime during routine shit around the house ,then I get the urge to fuck and it’s all good because the pussy is right there undisturbed, because nobody is mad nshit… Now you feel you need to piss a muhfucka off ,then the apologetic cycle takes place. A bunch of sorry baby shit said, hoping this shit is supposed to arouse a niggas dick. So, you jump me like a Pole Vault nshit and slide down my dick ,by the time you hit my balls and bottom out, I’ll be ready for some good old fashion traditional MAKEUP SEX.



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