Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

friend me?

I’m sure most of you muhfuckas already know the content blogged on my Facebook page & website here @ trashbaggage. com… I show no mercy nshit… No muhfucka is exempt from getting blast you step to me the wrong way… I’ll talk about any nigga or bitch nigga come cross my path with that hateration bullshit… Nigga,I’m not the bitch you niggas with that messy shit… I make my problems go away  like you heard… See a stupid nigga want to test you to see for himself ,his last testament & no will of inheritance to leave behind… Why niggas feel the urge to get what’s coming to themselves and it’s never pleasant… Stupid niggas! I’m clueless ,I thought I knew ignorant niggas… These muhfuckas take the cake… They are awesome niggas of a newer species… I don’t fuck with these niggas… So ,I gotta ask,you sure you want to FRIEND ME?



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