Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Look @ Sly1

They all in disbelief especially those from my childhood and those I have never known till this day . Things & life situations changed  me over a course of time. Niggas talked that shit (yeah Nigga I’m the same) Well Muhfuckas ,Sly1 isn’t the same by no stretch of the word (Same)  I’m 50 times older. I got a young fiancee’ and I’m still pounding pussy , Lol . But , I speak my mind and (I do ) keep it real . I don’t fuck with you and all the other Muhfuckas you & I know . I don’t give ah fuck who knows and who feelings are involved . I’m me doing me. We keep our distance and beliefs to ourselves without all the commotion . I’m not here to lecture Niggas or to kiss ass for a like button Nshit . I’m a Muhfuckan man & not alone . I just don’t fuck with you .if, I’m a bit radical and other terms you haten Niggas got for me , keep them. Nigga! I’m good the way things are , stay in your lane, No need to acknowledge each other . I see you Muhfuckas . So ,you curious Muhfuckas It’s okay, cause I don’t fuck with you. I can say and blog shit as much I’m wanting too . I don’t need you Muhfuckas approval . I’m not what you want me to be . I’m straight up ,you or ?? ? So , say what you will,shit doesn’t bother me,saying LOOK @ SLY1 .



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