Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

We not compatible

I’m prime choice and she’s pork bellies .True shit! and personal. Its nothing I haven’t seen . I am a very real life guy with lots of experiences . She was a small fry since birth ,but, wannabe something different than how I was raised  for instance . If I’m going out to a fine cuisine , she has to mention out-loud she’s going to some new found shit all of a sudden you don’t know shit about ,just to look important Nshit or wanting me to feel jealous . I’m not cut from that hillbilly shit . This silly immature bitch doesn’t know I’ve lived shit and been places she can only Google map . She needs to stop trying to compete with me.it’s not a competition. You’ve not been exposed to the good life . It’s simple , I HAVE !! ! Go back beyond the raddgy shit you crawl from thinking you can be like me . First you need to be true to yourself and not me . Grow up bitch! You aren’t me . WE NOT COMPATIBLE .



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