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the altar

I stood fifteen feet within the altar, the bishop asked for those to come forward, today you will change and don’t look back , you aren’t going back to that person again repeating the shit over . You are going to leave here today as a new person and will walk a straight line with Jesus in God’s word. Well saints , I’m a sinner knowingly that I’m not going to change after one church service and not a member , I stayed my fifteen feet at my seat . I refused to do or joined something I won’t treat honestly . I’m not a Christian nor any other group of religious beliefs . I know there is a God , that I believe . Fuck any so-called righteous Muhfucka try to tell me different . I’ve done work of saints & sinners . I live everyday dead & alive . I don’t look for doing any wrong. But, I do at times intentionally and unintentionally , it depends . I’m not perfect , I strive for perfection . I am all that I am.But , I wasn’t about to pretend ,walking proudly to THE ALTAR .



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