Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Facebook liars .

 I know a few Facebookers claim they are deleting their accounts . Inbox me and I’ll tell you a few, then we’ll acknowledge them using their comment slot . I got a cousin that’s one of the Facebook perpetrators I won’t say no names , fuck it ! Here’s a hint . *He saves Lives* this Nigga lives on Facebook to humiliate others and takes selfies all day . This Muhfucka loves to be judgmental of everybody using the same social media HE does . I’m sure family that knows us are pretty sure whom I’m talking about . Now ask me do I give ah fuck . I DON’T . Fuck anybody that gets in my way trying to front they are the chosen one to finger point how others should live . Nigga you aren’t no better than the rest of the heathens . This shit personal &  this Muhfucka is the same shit as all FACEBOOK LIARS .



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