Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Who said that shit? I sure didn’t . I had some fucked up customers dealing business. Whereas, they fucked up, I suffered a few repercussions during a violent time of my life . Niggas didn’t want to pay for the merchandise and products I had of every category in perfectly good order . There are always Muhfuckas that’s not going to follow rules believing rules doesn’t apply to them . I prefer to deal with Muhfuckas with sound minds and ambition to complete what is been started . I could go on forever giving an explanation why Niggas is the way they are , I would have to go deeper into dept giving astounding details, describing something that could possibly take forever. I still can’t come to a reasonable explanation . Noway of understanding Niggas talking business . Hell Naw !!! I would never say ” “CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT ” .




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