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Hunting season

It’s back! Hunting season,bad news for Deer & Wives…
It’s true,wives have had hunting accidents every year mistaken for Deer… I mean no offensive attacks on families that have been victimized to these slayings nshit… Be careful ladies, cautionary in the woods isn’t enough to save you… Wives,stay the fuck out the woods in shooting areas,regardless you wear a protection vest color Orange… You aren’t protected wives ,especially a plotting spouse got-it-in for you… Wives are the perfect prey during hunting season. Husbands got new women they want in & you out… He waited patiently for the hunting season. Opportunity has arrived… Next stop, taxidermy, stuffing his wife for a burial plot ,not the wall of trophies like he felt for her on their marriage day. She was a trophy wife.
Wives,my advice for a trouble marriage. Stay away during HUNTING SEASON.




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