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Real America

This country focuses on the wrong topics . This country shows you exactly the shit they prioritize. Black lives don’t matter . Too many injustices for black people today and has been forever . Unequal opportunities , lack of interest and no humanity has not been offered or shown to black people . Surely America you hand pick a few Charles Barkley’s , Ben Carson’s & that Nigga Uncle Rukus you guys own . Those aren’t black representatives for black people in America . The America we know , Is the bitch that glorifies Muhfuckas like Bruce Jenner , his/she new name I can’t pronounce.
America will plaster a picture on Fox news A black victim . But , not the American blamed for the murder . How is it important to black people a white man surgically transformed into an ugly partial white woman . I know Americans are MAD Muhfuckas right now , see how America can dis dirt , expelled the black guy until he shows America some American respect .
Black women are the beautiful creation god has ever created and America glorifies a man that isn’t a woman and plaster that off brand , cultural bullshit nation wide .
This country has a black president and addresses him by his first name . Americans hate acknowledging him as the leader he was voted . President!!! But to vote a he she or she he as Woman of the year . Ridiculous!!!
Welcome natives, this is the REAL AMERICA .



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