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WordPress isn’t my God

I’ll say what the fuck I want to say regardless you muhfuckas gave me an award nshit… Thanx! But ,so what it doesn’t serve no real significant cause,other than the truth I speak… I can’t bow to no social media because you honor my work… I appreciate the acknowledgement… What is needed from you muhfuckas, scholarships for inner city kids & more funding for urbanism, we are label. A sort of respectful way of saying * A crippling group of poor & handicaps, underprivileged black community… Slick tongue muhfuckas… I still haven’t been a feature member as the other WordPress nation of bloggers… Fuck it! We know why and others can see freely just look at the memberships and their blogs ,no brainier there…  WordPress, until I been feature, I will continue to say fuck your network… Fuck! Whomever comes to your recuse… I am not scared. WORDPRESS ISN’T MY GOD



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