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16 shots to murder

In the wrong or not , It doesn’t take 16 shots to stop no human being . That’s called MURDER , manslaughter in every degree known to law . This should cause an uproarious movement without hesitation , people should take the streets and demand justice immediately because of the magnitude of this crime . Laquan McDonald was murdered in cold-blooded without any remorse . By : Chicago crooked officer JASON VAN DYKE . This case need no court hearing , no defense attorney , no judge breaking for recess or reschedule court dates . Proof is provided . So , hurry the guilty verdict & put this known troubling Muhfucka away indefinitely . He finally got to kill him a black young man . He should take his own life . America you are on alert facing other consequences ,I’m sure of it . ” The next revolution will not be televised, there won’t be no instant replays of cops shooting down black people” . In the voice of #Gilscott-heron , Muhfuckas will pay! It’s no way out for the murdering officer Van Dyke .You stole a child life with 16 SHOTS TO MURDER .



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