Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Here it is b*tches

Not all of you are fine looking bitches you called yourselves , thinking you are . Now , If you sit there and read the rest of this I said , don’t blame me for your insecurities or your inferiority complex . I see lots of you fucked up in the head bitches . You can’t wear everything , anywhere around anybody to see your ugliness . Bitch You definitely isn’t all that . I couldn’t fuck some you if you paid me too . Ridiculous looking bitches dressing like shit you saw in a Glamour magazine or Ebony magazine . Everything you see don’t mean you can be it . Stop thinking you have to impress a Muhfucka that doesn’t care to fuck with you . Stay in your lane fucked up to others or not . Stupidity shouldn’t become you . Let it go , grow some self-esteem.
Now you got the truth .



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