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High school sweetheart

It was a normal California day,sunny nshit, when I spotted my future baby mamma walking the hallways @ Dominguez high school asking her to walk her to her class… She later became my girl after all the traditional courtship…
The story is true,I watched her enter the parking lot mornings,finally I asked her out, coming to party across the street @ the Vincent’s house… She surprised me by coming… We danced one song left outside to talk, her two girlfriends dropped her off,although she drove everywhere. She assumed I had a car & I didn’t… I made a way for transportation ,having my best now deceased friend…  It took a week before a kiss & much longer before engaging extra icing on the cake… Ten years together ending with a daughter, loved by us today as if she was just born.. Her mother my HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART.



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