Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I like em freaky too

Look gotdamit,I talk that shit cause I make my money online & you don’t… Lol,anyway… if she suck dick,fuck good and a cum freak… I’ll sneak off with her and sell the house and withdraw all $60 of my savings,put the kids up for adoption and marry that bitch… That’s the one for me… Fuck a good cook and I don’t need a bitch to wash my clothes… I can do them chores my gotdamn self…  Give me a brew a bitch and a blue diamond and I’ll fuck & eat her into yesterday today… I know what I said in several blogs… Muhfuckas,I contradict myself purposely when I want too.Its blogging muhfuckas… This shit ain’t real life all the fucken time… I too wanna have fun getting my dick drowned… Fun,nasty shit! I LIKE EM FREAKY TOO.





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