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You’re engaged to marry

Unbelievable a woman that’s about to be married and still conducts herself like a single woman . Inconsiderate bitch ! Wild-out party bitch . She doesn’t prioritize shit . she’s infatuated with the idea of being married and wearing an engagement ring thinking that’s a done deal . Women have the tendency believing that men won’t look elsewhere other than them . You can’t expect a man to love a selfish , self-center bitch . How can you take the thuggism out a bitch that wants to hangout with drunk & dope heads . Really , does she sounds like the marrying type . People looks at her, then they look at me knowing I’m a man of promise to do my best and treat you right . She’s a woman attracted to dramatizing scenery . I’m laid back and conservative . She’s a down for a nigga bitch for drawing attention and wants to be the man in charge with Bae Bae kids tagging along . Her baggage isn’t another man’s paradise . This bitch has a disobedient Wrecking Crew . consideration for others isn’t their strong suits. Fuck this shit !!! Jump ship you’re still at the dock before sailing out to sea. Ladies, you need to start acting like YOU’RE ENGAGED TO MARRY .




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