Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I’m positively not

I’m not going to blog some happy go lucky shit because you muhfuckas can’t hardship the truth… Muhfucka!!! Motivate your own self… Stop, fucken crying what people say & think about you… I say “Fuck you too” I don’t need to pump you up cause you feeling down nshit… I don’t hold bitch niggas hands cause they won’t stand on their own feet… You are the weakest muhfuckas to call men & women, always wanting somebody to give you praise nshit… This shit isn’t negativity, this is inspirational. It should get your adrenaline flowing. All the shit I accuse you of being nothing more than a pile of shit… Pick your sorry asses up and keep it moving… I’m not your friend ,I’M POSITIVELY NOT.



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