Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

For the love of money

We all need it & it’s the want for it that raises the question how bad you want it and what is it needed for after you attempt to get it however you get it . It’s a whole different ball game when you illegally street hustling . Especially managing major quantity . Muhfuckas will sell their souls & kill any body in their path . It’s an one-way street very few options leading to the same results . Hell , jail & the graveyard . Niggas got caught up in the glamour of it all . Women , snitches & jealousy is the main factors of most failure . The Empire crumbles fast until everything around you collapse, leaving you an ” I yousta have it all kind of nigga ” in the memories of many friends you no-longer got . It’s so many consequences to deal with FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY .




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