Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


Don’t hide cause you can’t . You are some greedy ,selfish grouchy muhfuckas got to have it all at other people expenses… Money for everybody but only one collects… It’s a set up and death trap…  four walks in only one comes out… It’s always one in the bunch they’ll want everything and tries to convince themselves they aren’t doing nothing wrong… Thieves have many faces… Careful cut throat niggas with hidden agendas… Everybody knew exactly day one Gold-diggers are in every family, they’ll cut you out at all costs… How does muhfuckas live with themselves thinking we’re unaware of the TRUTH !!! One day truth going to rain down revealing what you thought nobody knew like yourselves has been up too… It’s known what a selfish liar will do for the LOVE of money… The consequences of your selfishness will surface soon as high tides comes to shore and that’s very near… The TRUTH is about to arise out of muhfuckas like yourselves keeping what’s not yours, can’t keep the TRUTH buried forever… Fuck you dishonest thieves,shit does catch up with you muhfuckas.You’ll get exposed to your GREED.



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