Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


…everybody are buying guns.Especially! Because they have legalized a concealed weapon permit law… White people are buying the gun outlets out rapidly. Whereas blacks are getting screened thoroughly.White gun store owners are hoping that black people are rejected leaving another black family unprotected,unlike white families… It’s a designed crippling plan… The black youth are unable to purchase any weapons because of felonies and prison sentences twice as long as white inmates charged with the same exact crimes… But,here’s the situation,blacks own guns twice the amount that’s registered that will remain hidden… If, we are facing a racial revolution whereas the guns come into play,black people will not be short… Black people always prevail whatever the situation maybe any given day… So,fuck what America may think about planning the extinction of black folks…  It’s not going to happen AmeriKKKa ,cause  black people stay ready and we have plenty of GUNS.




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