Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

B*tch lighten up!

I speak a TRUTH you bitch niggas won’t acknowledge… Ladies, those sorry ass niggas you fucken know the TRUTH and scared to admit it ,cause they fears you wives or girlfriends probably leave their asses… Fuck it! My girl know the TRUTH just as I do…
You muhfuckas lose your women, you want do what’s necessary to keep her… Watch! Another man will do what you shouldda did long ago ,especially sexually nshit… Now you a sad puppy… Nigga! She’s gone! Women want a man that knows what to do without being told what to do… I bet you next time you’ll slap that big oily ass while fucken. Honestly ,nigga she’ll go elsewhere if you can’t deliver…  If, you doing your part,by all means tell that BITCH LIGHTEN UP!






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