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The way to a man’s heart

Listen up ! You women must be the dumbest on earth . Fuck that early 1900’s bullshit . Whomever said ” the way to a man’s heart is a good cook ” LIED ! That shit went out the windows of shotgun houses when Niggas stopped picking cotton Nshit . Today’s bitches are smarter than that old granny say-on. These bitches knows sucking dick is the way to hearts , wallet’s , car keys & allowance money every time she ask . I’m a man , I can cook for myself . If you’re a broke Nigga , then you better off eating pussy like it’s a survival food kit . Every couple @ one point need to suck , eat each other or someone is going to get replace & left out crying down a lonely road homeless . Bad bitches! Don’t let them man-less old ass women talk you into believing cooking is THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART .




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