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Savoir TV

I know what you’re going to say ” who the fuck (is) you Sly1 ” . That’s an easy question, my answer . ” I’M NOT YOU “.Fuck you lying TV pimps hyping the people how you’re going to save the children of Africa and other children living & to die in other countries you PRETEND to help . Latenite false hope TV. Commercials advertising for donations to be given to the poor from the poor . America will flash through onto the screen claims to have raised funds a million dollars within a few hours and you’ll see them very same black faces flashing through onto the screen next week nasty ass flies on the children faces with a belly full Camera man rolling live right there not even a fucken Peppermint to offer . The poor donators don’t know where that money is going too, other than the richest contributors . You know the ones taking pictures with poor starving black kids for public relations Nshit . America always wants to look good for television regardless of the lies are hidden for SAVIOR TV .




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