Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I was bombarded with a question from a curious reader nshit… True shit! I was asked WHY do I use profanity and she accused me of being negative nshit…
My question is why would any muhfucka ask what another muhfucka says on Social media dramatizing everyday bullshit… Who the fuck in their right mind gives a fuck what a complete stranger says… This bitch must monitor my page just to find something to complaint that’s suitable for her to be argumentative nshit… I would probably do what you good citizens of Facebook would do,unfriend the curious bitch and hope she get some fucken therapy… Maybe one of you would like to tell the uninvited ,nosey bitch to unfollow & unfriend me… And most importantly stop stalking me…  Bitch! I don’t know you….  WTF?!




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