Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Not a again! Those two aren’t funny in no sense of the word funny.
They are the most boring host ever… They staged Twitter accounts believing we’ll bite into their trickery to get people to actually like them… Fuck their phony act! Black people really didn’t like nothing about their dry, boring humor in past years… Anderson is a great reporter @ CNN, Kathy I have nothing to say about she don’t exist…. The only muthafuckas that like Kathy Griffin are non-humorous you know who…. I can’t believe any muthafucka in their right mind would even want a glimpse of these two hosting New Years count down… Anderson Cooper with that fake laugh, he knows that bitch isn’t funny… She just runs her mouth thinking she has jokes… That bullshit isn’t nowhere in the vicinity of being funny … Fuck! CNN network letting those boring two back to host…. Fuck! ANDERSON COOPER & KATHY GRIFFIN.




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