Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

shoe taps

I’m about to bring them back in style… Shoe taps muthafuckas…
I used to wear taps like everybody did in the Seventies nshit…
I had taps on my shoes and I would stroll in a building tapping the shit-out-of- a ceramic tile, linoleum and scratch mark the shit out of a wooden floor … Niggas used to walk like President Obama, arms slinging like a pimp in route to slap ah bitch & angry because she late with ah niggas money… When we wore taps it was meant for a muhfucka to hear you coming… Shoe taps wearing muthafuckas was cool, cause we walked & tap in rhythm… Muhfuckas didn’t tap dance… We did gangsta walking & boogie down shit wearing SHOE TAPS



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