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Racism in America

It’s here to stay going nowhere…
The question is when are the killings of black people going to stop, when do black people take a conscious stand & take no more brutality from bad white folks & a corrupt government lying to us.. Black people have been forgiving others to long for nothing they’ve become known as a people of softies taken for granted since the capture and trade of black people in America… I don’t advocate violence,but a racial war might be the only solution regardless of innocent bystanders casualties of war, women and children from both nationalities black & white people… I’m not the radical.
But, I have rebellious thoughts living in America… Black people are always going to be fucked around with lies, procrastinating ongoing investigations & never solving shit for a victory for some small comfort.We are still victims by the very same oppressors that brought us here… Shame on America ignoring the concerns of black people…America will never be satisfied until the last black man is extinct… America will never right the wrongs that it’s done to black people… Muhfuckas! always telling us to go home they robbed us from… You muhfuckas got no authority to send nobody to a place called home where you never lived… Fuck! America! & it’s lies of promises ” justice for all “. Now white america angry about something they created… The next question would be how without harming black people are you going to end RACISM IN AMERICA.



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