Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You want to fit in

Muhfuckas! You won’t be yourselves , just got to follow somebody . niggas need to feel important Nshit like they know you, because everybody else is interacting on your timeline . You Muthafuckas feel incomplete without validations or the acknowlegement of others,you lonely asses, insecure Muthafuckas.Niggas without the ability to care for themselves needing to friend somebody… Low self-esteem Muthafuckas. Look @ you pitiful muthafuckas are lost because nobody didn’t like button your pageĀ  . Niggas need time to find themselves . Gotdamn! How long have you Muthafuckas been lost? . Now you look for pals & somebody to love you on Facebook . Fuck you misfits . It’s a shame how bad YOU WANT TO FIT IN .







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