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Die with lies

Funny, but no laughs how shit starts ends in secrecy. We all are going to die taking some serious pending LIES to our grave ,some history-changing  facts. The truth won’t ever be told about lies we all know and been living . Imagine you are hated for something TODAY,but wasn’t hated for it your whole life.You were ordered to keep quiet. Ask yourself why would you risk being hated for a truth you won’t ever reveal for the sake of one Muhfucka . People have told you your entire life ” tell the truth ” . That won’t happen . I’m not a liar based on the lies I know and had to tell to keep the truth a secret. That’s the truth!!! I’m okay with a lie or two gotten use to it , now part owner of it .I’m still alive , I can’t speak in place of a dead man perspective . I’m sure because of others possibly knowingly the same lie , I won’t have to speak the truth ,they too will DIE WITH LIES.




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