Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Make a note of this

Remind your uppity asses everyday to look in the mirror and try your best to really thank God you are alive…
You silly muhfuckas nose in the air over every day stupid shit,mad cause you can’t control other people situations.You want to change their condition leaving them in the worse environment.Truth is your asses are no better than crabs in a bucket… You want to flourish, but hate to see another muhfucka happy & successful … Niggas ,have you ever look at how you got to be where you are today… Good or Bad! You either had help or god blessed YOU in such a way & giving thanx isn’t something you think you don’t owe… Everybody has to pay dues one way or another… Bring your arrogance down a few notches because if you are successful & financially stable for whatever reason you didn’t do it alone… Remember that shit! MAKE A NOTE OF THIS…



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