Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

The next knock @ my door

I know & listening,waiting for the next knock at my door won’t be pleasant, because of what a muhfucka read @ Trashbaggage…  Why muhfucka? I don’t give two fucks why… I’m just saying… I blog shit on a regular that ruffles feathers… Don’t get alarm niggas cause of fat-ole-me says some uncomfortable shit you can’t relate too… Fuck you! No muhfucka on earth other than a love one gives a fuck how you niggas feel… That shit! I understand…
Bitch niggas & Bitchettes fuck whatcha read,thought & heard ,doesn’t mean shit to me… You shouldn’t feel guilty to something unless it apply to you…
On that note!
Nigga don’t be THE NEXT KNOCK @ MY DOOR.



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