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Snakes in your house

Real shit! You live with snakes that are poisonous & you think cause the snake is boxed in & is family, you figure it isn’t a threat… But ,the snake is communicating outside the glass case fabricating rumors you do this & that… Funny shit is that, it’s the people that loves me contacting me about the jealous snake telling lies you spreading … This what you guys have to remember, I am established with these people first with this family first… They still LOVE ME regardless of a snake ass muhfucka trying to sabotage my character… It’s fucked up dating back from the eighties this muhfucka think nobody know that you put a hit on me ,until a love one intervene and saved my life after you tried to have it taken… Cold blooded reptilian muhfucka… Now you have resurfaced and plotting… The thing about that shit is that any move you make on me will be known for all to see uncovering your real identity… I maybe long distance but those that know right now is laughing at you .Because now you’re in their faces constantly fabricating more shit around the circle of the family… We all are on to you sitting back watching shit unfold… I have been told to relax because they know you too… The more shit you spread the deeper you get yourself in a hole so wide you forget you left a trail of rumors like tumors growing bigger and now you got ALL EYES on you… I can relax now cause the more you say my name the truth keep surfacing… I hate its you cause I love you, but not the love and jealousy you have for me… You smart, degreed up!!! That doesn’t stop me from hearing the whispers & poison you spreading…. You draw attention to yourself, you gonna be surprise from north to south to all you have talked to relaying everything back to me… I’m the one they’ll always love… Ask all those you been talking shit too… Lmao, you done fucked up! People be careful of SNAKES IN YOUR HOUSE.





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