Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Popularity among family

Yep! Hands down I am that guy established since 1958 the happy go lucky jokster muhfucka… Yearbook popular guy in my junior year of high school…
It’s cool when you make people happy ,even without trying… Laughter is good in your life. We all have those serious moments to take responsibility for something…
No muhfucka isn’t no harder than me and I’m not knocking down doors to act hard…. I just like being me… I can’t control the next muhfucka behavior or change their characteristics… I’m a bit hard & a softer side for females… I’m a grown man with a great understanding how life goes… Fuck you serious wannabes wishing you could stand out .So,you don’t have a REAL friend ,leaving only SOME family to claim your ass ,though you think they don’t know you too… Yeah,you the type of muhfucka that has to $buy POPULARITY AMONG FAMILY.



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