Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Don’t be ridiculous

People are @ war everyday amongst those you love more than any other muhfuckas on earth. Oh yeah,surely it’s going to be someone say ” I don’t have to love nobody ” .Well that’ll tell you there goes the first fool of shit flying out their mouths… It’s so many muhfuckas thinking they hardcore and want to be coldblooded knownily it’s the dumbest shit to think…
People live everyday & die suddenly without an sign… Then you’ll hear some ignorant remarks within your household…  Muhfuckas tell lies on the dead.
Cancerous thoughts is a mind killer too, metaphorically speaking…
You have one shot @ life ,your family circle is continuously to shrink… All families are dying off one generation & and a new birth generation you’ll never see get old… Muhfuckas! Learn onething if nothing else… No matter what turmoil,hatred & whatever else bullshit you got going on you have family… All your friends & relatives are not the same as immediate family when needed to the rescue… You stupid muhfuckas believe different… God showed you that is the truth…. To argue that is being resentful… DON’T BE RIDICULOUS.





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