Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I’m not the blogging muhfucka giving you all day lectures nshit like it’s my duty to motivate you don’t give ah shit muhfuckas , into high hopes nshit… That’s Jesus job, not mines… I’m not responsible for you , your kids or am I not a fucken role model.. I really don’t have to justify my actions to none of you bitches and bitch niggas… I use my time positive speaking the fucken truth about you phony wannabes…
Y’all seeking fame or someone with fame on social media… Niggas, please! I’m alerting you blind niggas to see who you really are with your Niggerity ways of life… We all Face-booking shit! You niggas posting unoriginal copied quotes ,comments & got hidden agendas along with random bullshit subjects ,interacting with the highest intellectual minds to follow hopefully a muhfucka wave back at your unknown asses… Niggas, we see you muhfuckas grouped in knee high shit wishing on a star to notice your lame asses… Don’t hate cause I like to speak my small percentage of Facebook crap… Don’t read it muhfuckas! Next time you fake muhfuckas come across my timeline delete me ,if you can’t bare the truth… Unlike me with your hiding-go-seek selves… Niggas always copying each other wanting to do the same shit ,wanting the same results & affects like an avalanche… Niggas are full of shit trailing each other downhill like a growing SNOWBALL.


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