Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Lottery winner

When I hit they’ll say ” don’t forget where you come from ” l’ll say I won’t” because ,I’m not going back,isn’t that the purpose of leaving . I don’t give ah fuck who stay & goes . How bout that for keeping it real “Muhfuckas?! . People always talking that I gotcha shit . Yeah Muhfuckas, I’ll probably help a select few Muhfuckas. It isn’t like I’m a saint in shit . If, I made big anywhere won’t have shit to do with where , what & who get what . Fuck that backyard hoodism shit . Nigga, I’ll do what the fuck , see who the fuck I choose too & whatever I want with my winnings . Muhfuckas! Besides,what is the fuss about bitch asses? I haven’t won shit yet .Damn! We talk like I am already a LOTTERY WINNER .



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