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Yummie skinny jeans

What the fuck is this shit…
The HSN channel is selling jeans for white women although any woman can wear them… One size fits all, genius! They go far as to showing a demo video how the jeans works giving white women booty nshit…
Now! You won’t hear white women speaking against women of color because they can have a booty look wearing jeans too… Say goodbye to the pancake ,flat-ass & ugly look. American girls.
This should change the minds of white women jealous & cruel remarks now that they have a sense of what it feels like to have a black woman shaped ass & curvy they’ll appreciate looking beautiful as black women booty… But, remember you won’t have the hour glass shape, but you’ll be closer than ever before boosting your confidence… White women should thank the God given booty pattern to emulate black women shape that Heather Thompson created for YUMMIE SKINNY JEANS.



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