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How to murder a chef

…bring a chef to the deep south like Arkansas ,he’ll surely die of a crucial slow suffocating greasy death…
I know these deep woods living muhfuckas, muddy boot walking tall niggas… Everything is traditional all year round,greasy.
The same decor in every eatery… deers & wild hog heads mounted on walls for trophies nshit… Fried Catfish & hush puppies the primary meal.
I never lived where everything is soul food than the south…
Soul food is advertised as healthy eating… How the fuck clogging your arteries is healthy for any living creature man or beast…
The people living DEEP in the south small towns & woods aren’t your average taste testers representing no fine cuisine nowhere… You’ll never have a career as a five star chef… I’m not exaggerating when I say a chef cannot make it in the deep wooded south.. Chefs are destined to die far south.
It’s suicide cooking like a short order cook or backyard pork que cook nshit…
If, a CHEF menu consists of
greasy hog maws
fatback, fried chicken feet
and bacon greasy collard greens
with mashed potatoes loaded with pounds of butter
& to top it off with a thick peanut butter milk shake.
I would automatically think he was held hostage planning a menu against his will…



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