Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I know in the last poll,I said you might want to take a poll… Fuck that!  Issues you say  makes you muhfuckas unhappy ,the wrong shit .I’m gonna annihilate you muhfuckas & embarrass you from the lowest part of my soul…
I’m going to make you look like the shit you are,coming after me as if you really know me…
I don’t know you niggas,.I perfer to keep it that way… I’m not hostile, just a muhfucka watching my own back…  Self-preservation first law of survival…
“Let’s keep it real” as niggas say…
I trust me,I look out for me… Say all the shit you want about me,but tell the truth!!!! Everything isn’t about you muhfuckas or me…
So,come on with your best shot & your bullshit CRITICISIM.







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