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Cat fight in crossing

Two women walking,meeting in opposite directions…
The two women stop,awaiting to board the metrolink bound to the same destination…during the ride it was the biggest bullshit I witnessed…
They were complementing each other with lies…
Girl 1 & 2
1.She says nice hair
2.Thanx! Yours too.
1.I love the shoes & hand bag.
2 Thank you! But, Its a Gucci nite bag.
1.I’m sorry,I didn’t know
2.Girl its okay,nice nails & the color.
1.Yea,but I need them done again.
2.I see whatcha mean,I get mine done weekly.
1.That’s nice.
2.You are very welcome…
After all the shit slanging ,they both had comments after departure.
They both thought the samething about each other.
Saying to themselves”Bitch ain’t cute” as they walked away from each other without a scratch…
But, in all actuality …
That was a nasty CAT FIGHT IN CROSSING…




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