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I can judge,right?

I’m not religious, but I believe in God.
Gay people that love each other believe in marriage to each other & given an sanctified   Church metromony…
The crucifixion is worn by killers, muggers & rapist everyday.
Is this a misrepresentation of the crucifixion?
If, I wished people of wrong doing to hell,am I being judgmental.
If ,I quoted what God said and told people they will be condemned and sent to hell for an ungodly act, again am i being judgmental…
If ,I’m Christian or any other faith reading according to Scripture of what God said,then why not can I say where your destination will be…
These aren’t my words of your bible ,these are supposedly words of God I’m quoting… So,if, I’m using his words exactly in the order God said… I’m only judging you from his on words saying what your punishment been determined in his words not mines…
So, in this sense, I CAN JUDGE, RIGHT?



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