Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I get it, hated by some,but loved by many… I took a poll by those you’ll never know like Fox & CNN news polls takers ,still unknown to the people by republicans campaign parties for the presidential voters…
I’m the muhfucka niggas love to hate cause I’ll bust your lies wide open revealing your true selves…
It’s you muhfuckas always with the stories why come you couldn’t be this or that for whatever fucked up reason you couldn’t help a muhfucka in need of your assistance .But because it might cost you a nickel or two, especially you can afford it without any hesitation, you refuse too. You want to let them know you are in control ,making you the boss of someone else’s unfortunate situation .Because of that, you let them suffer because you are full of hatred that you like to see a person in need fail in life..
You muhfuckas are “fulla of shit”… Not ME!!!



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