Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Whatcha know about me

Lol,careful whatcha think isn’t the same whatcha know… I’m a book waiting to be read by the world to see what I’m made of after whooping the shit out-of-you lousy muhfuckas. Whom will never amount to the biggest pile high of shit… You niggas are like rainX beading off me with your weak slurs nshit…
Fuck! Whatcha think because you can’t point fingers at me without me throwing a fist full of fuck yous!!! Back atcha! You niggas aren’t important enough to talk shit you know nothing about me! Muhfuckas! Careful I don’t say shit about you muhfuckas with all your hidden agendas nshit… You niggas wishing your lives was a closed book for the world not to know who you really are… Facebook reveal each and everyone of you,lost ignorant ass niggas we all was hoping you muhfuckas got washed out during the rain… You know fucken well you niggas don’t know me ,especially the way I know you muhfuckas… So,again let’s ask this one more time, carefully… Niggas, WHACHA KNOW ABOUT ME.





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