Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Died to live again

I’ve been through shit and hell and had a big taste of heaven on earth… I lived in the dirt you muhfuckas spit on and smashed innocent people like bugs into foot-prints you walked on like shallow graves…
I have done shit onto others I wouldn’t want for myself and we both paid for it, yours in blood & mines with incarceration and my soul… You healed with a stitch & ice pack… Whereas I searched for a place to hide and heal.
People think they know you because you shared the same block, roof & school… We all may have grown up together, but we didn’t always walk the same streets going and coming with detours known to some and unknown to you this very day…
Bullies got bullied, you once were both… Its never easy making a name without punching a few muhfucka that punches back… I got guns you got guns, the score is even. So, we joined up, do a heist split the pot… Set up the plot you die then you placed in a plot… Another soul went for the loot, another soul sold…
Partnerships with the devil’s haven the best material game on earth from cars to houses & money top it off…
No obstacles ,no challenges all obsolete working with the devil… Its hell paid In full… We love the THINGS in life at the cost of blood & sweat of another muhfuckas labor  ,all we have to-do is take it away from whom ever looks like they holding a niggas future In their wallet…
Muhfuckas spilt blood never matters when it comes to a muhfucka without a soul or conscious….  Zombies wants to live too… they just live off your lost directed souls because you never learned to live the right way wanting the fast life skipping the fundamentals… not earning your way to justify your stay & place…  Some of us DIED TO LIVE AGAIN.




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